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Find a cause which matters to you. Search the map by location or type to quickly find a charity which you believe in.


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Click on your chosen charity to get more info. You'll be able to access a comprehensive breakdown of each charity's financials based on IRS tax filings.


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Donate to charities you can trust in. With a transparent view of each charity, you'll have the confidence that your money is going where it impacts most.

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Create Change

Through your contribution. Your support creates a positive impact across the globe. And when you choose charities which share in your mission and drive, that impact spreads further. Access to clean water. Disaster relief. Support of human rights. Your contribution changes the world. Your contribution changes lives


Often lacking in charitable organizations, we're on a mission to create more transparency within the field. With no one to hold charities accountable, donations aren't always spent in their intended way. And there isn't an easy way for the public to find out where their money is spent without wading through pages of complicated ingoing and outgoing statements.Until now.